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I believe that individuals manage the best they can with their life circumstances at any given time, but these efforts don’t always work or naturally translate to happiness or self-fulfillment. Oftentimes, situations and relationships cause us pain, and in response, we spend considerable energy safeguarding our vulnerabilities and distress at the expense of our well-being. Managing this emotional distress alone can feel confusing and overwhelming, which is why we often need the help from a sensitive and knowledgeable professional.  


It is my role as a psychotherapist to mobilize an individual’s inherent strengths that have been blocked by unhealthy patterns and behaviors so growth can resume. In this sense, therapy is both a way to understand what is holding you back, while also discovering your assets and hopes for the future – I believe we need to recognize and appreciate the impact of our past in order to better grasp who we are and realize where we want to be in life.


My approach includes working closely and collaboratively with my patients, as I feel the act of being deeply understood in the therapeutic relationship is what creates healing and lasting change. I also believe that therapy and psychoanalysis are intensely personal experiences that need to be tailored to fit an individual’s needs, whatever the presenting concerns. Ultimately, it is through this joint venture that a person can discover new ways of being and relating to the world.

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